Cyber Resilience Forum

Governmental and Business Forum

10th of May 2023, “Carol I” Central University Library of Bucharest

Introduction and objectives

The European economy as a whole, and the energy sector in particular, undergo profound changes, its member states being involved in some very ambitious and challenging projects, (1) reaching climate neutrality by mid-century, (2) recovering and assuring resilience after the sanitary crisis and (3) re-engineering international relations and consolidating energy security by reshaping energy inter-dependencies, supply sources and transport routes.

These projects and the „new realities” they determine will significantly test the EU’s leadership in the international arena, the coordination of 27 (plus the 4 EFTA countries) economies and energy markets towards common objectives, as well as the cohesion among the member states.

The common denominator is the digital transformation and the subsequent cybersecurity and resilience challenges.

Consequently, the Romanian Energy Center, under the patronage of the Euro-Atlantic Resilience Center, with the support of the Romanian Association for the Security of Information Systems, the Cyberspace Academy and the „Emblematic Romania” Association,  propose a forward looking perspective of the roadmap towards strengthening the cybersecurity landscape, assuring an optimal and resilient transformation, by bringing together relevant stakeholders, providing lessons learned and an exchange of best practices and technology.


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