Integrated Approach in the Management and the Operation of the Electricity Transmission and Distribution Networks

Romanian Energy Center launches the INVITATION to the International Stakeholders Consultation Event and Synergies within EU H2020 Projects SOGNO, CROSSBOW, PHOENIX and WISEGRID.

Date and Location: Thursday, 30 april 2020, 9:30-12:30 CET – Online Video-Conference

Romanian Energy Center

The Romanian Energy Center (CRE) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that represents the interests of state-owned and private companies operating on the Romanian energy market towards national and European institutions.

Our Mission

CRE functions as a non-governmental, non-profit and non-political organization that identifies, supports and equally represents the interests of its members.


The main objective of CRE is to promote the active participation of Romanian state-owned and private energy companies in European partnerships, in co-financed projects and, more importantly, in the European decision-making process. CRE advocates for the interests of the Romanian energy sector.

About Us

Romanian Energy Center (CRE) was established in 2011, in Brussels and Bucharest at the same time.

The Romanian Energy Center contributes to European decision-making with the aim of encouraging and promoting investments in low-carbon technologies and support the transition to a decarbonized energy system.


Plenary Meeting CROSSBOW project

CRE Association took part at the plenary metting of the European Project – CROSSBOW, Madrid, Spain

Kick-off meeting EDDIE project

CRE Association took part at the kick-off metting of the newly European Project called EDDIE

Kick-Off Meeting PHOENIX project

CRE Association took part at the kick-off metting of the new European Project called PHOENIX

Kick-Off Meeting TRINITY project

CRE Association took part at the kick-off metting of the new European Project called TRINITY



CRE represents both public-owned companies and private companies involved in the energy sector.

Our Activity

In reaching its objectives as the representative of the Romanian energy community in Bruxelles and Bucharest, CRE focuses on:


Representing the interests of its members towards the national and European key decision-makers


Capitalizing on the political, technical, social and legal expertise of its members


Participating in the co-financed programs run by the European Commission


CRE will advise its members on new actions and incentives of European institutions within the energy sector.